Our specially picked raw materials:

100% pure, ecological and natural oils

100% etheric oils and fragrance extracts

Lots of vitamins and minerals


Lots of different extracts

Mild raw materials and preservative systems

No parabens

No artificial dyes

With consideration for OUR environment



Whether you desire a scent or not, we can help. The possibilities are many:

Perfumes – synthetic

Allergen free perfumes – synthetic without allergens

Etheric oils – 100% pure extract with aroma therapeutic effects

Essential oils – same as etheric oils, however, with no aroma therapeutic effects

Floral Waters – can be used as part of the water phase, gives a vague scent and is produced in the same way as essential oils


We are up to date and well represented within all genders of raw materials from all over the world. The products are certified and each product is tested regularly.

Legal tests are also made, which is mandatory for the final product.



We develop the exact product that your company needs, using materials and claims, which fit the expression and statement that suits your company.

We develop in a lab, the products are tested in a professional lab and we follow legal requirements and guide you through these.

We assist you in different labelling such as ECOcert etc.