Our specially picked ingredients:

100% pure, ecological and natural oils

100% etheric oils and fragrance extracts

Lots of vitamins and minerals


Lots of different extracts

Mild raw materials and preservative systems

No parabens

No artificial dyes

With consideration for OUR environment



Ecooking is developed and produced in Denmark and hand filled at our own small factory. All our products are developed with consideration for you and our environment. We have developed recipes for a series for the whole family which is so mild and clean the some of the products are eatable. At the same time, it has the wanted effect on your face, your hair and your body.


Your skin is the greatest organ on your body. A healthy skin is important for your health and wellness. Your skin is protecting you against the cold, the heat and illnesses. Ecooking helps you nurse, protect and protect your skin. The ingredients and combinations are based upon more than 20 years of experience in developing, testing and production of beauty and skincare products.

We are very conscious and demanding in regards to the raw materials used in our products, because it means something to you, our environment and the world, we are living in. Ecooking is based on natural ingredients that are to make a difference in your skin. Simply Danish skincare at its best.


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